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About our Firm


“Designing Significance” 


Founded in Spokane, Washington in 1991, Steven Meek Architects has stood fast to its primary focus: to have respect for the past, perform in the present and aspire to help the future through meaningful and purposeful architectural design.  We call this “Designing Significance,” and are dedicated to making the world– the built environment – meaningful and coherent


Architecture changes a lot less frequently than trends, and means that what we do, what our designs look like, and how they function, have to make sense and last for many generationsWe design to not only improve the built environment but also to improve processes.  We understand that it’s not about the building – it’s about the people, the business, and what they do when there.  

Through listening to our clients, and the ability to think in both business and design terms, we use our design sense to further the business ambitions of our clients.  We succeed when our clients do, and ultimately love that we can help others achieve their goals and reach their dreams through imaginative and dedicated service and design 


At Steven Meek Architects, our studio culture is open, honest and collaborative.  There is a strong work ethic and respect for what we do, and who we are working with.  Through listening to our client and studying their needs and the surrounding environmental factors, we obtain a thorough understanding of the people who will live, work, and play there.  This understanding allows us to create beautiful spaces with experiential meaning and purposeful function –

better places for people.

"...I'm not an architect or an engineer, but I appreciate nice looking structures.  Thanks for beautifying the area and making my commute more pleasurable."

- Tom Hanley

Steven Meek, AIA


Through Steve’s leadership and dedication to collaborative design, he has built a diverse portfolio of design and project management experience over the last 34 years.  His leadership skills benefit not only the architectural profession and his clients, but also the local community as exemplified by his current seat on the Spokane Design Review Board, his past service as the local AIA chapter president, and service to other local boards.

Steve has demonstrated strong management and design skills throughout his career, and strongly believes in his role as a project collaborator. He is committed in developing long term relationships with clients beyond providing quality architectural services, and his experience and insight directly benefits the projects and people involved, believing a successful project enhances both the client’s personal and professional pursuits.

Steve holds a Bachelors of Art in Architecture degree from University of Texas at San Antonio and is Licensed in both Washington and Idaho.

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